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Little Hollows Beckon

A synopsis of my novel-in-progress:

After spending years rebuilding her life, things are finally moving forward again for Willa Hawthorne. With a successful gallery exhibit behind her and a second collection underway, she’s making a name for herself in the art world. But after she becomes engaged to Evan Mercer, a handsome estate attorney, Willa still can’t let go of Jamieson Corbin.

With an uncanny sense of timing, Jamieson returns and pushes his way back into Willa’s life. Not only does his reappearance threaten her relationship with Evan, it challenges her very sanity, because there’s an impossible catch: Jamieson has been dead for three years.

From a small idyllic town in Rhode Island to a remote hamlet in the Highlands of Scotland, Willa embarks on a provocative journey of love and betrayal with an unexpected ally. When the two of them discover long-hidden secrets of Corbin Family folklore, they are beckoned to a place where light and darkness intersect, and spiritual boundaries are redrawn. After unearthing painful truths from the past, Willa must reexamine everything she believes about life and death and find the passage that connects the two worlds.



Reading of Sauveour

Reading of The Albatross

Reading of Swell

Reading of Spare Time

Cover Design Mockup for Travel Memoir


Hollow Tree at Lanhydrock

Photo by Peter Levers

When I think of little hollows, I think of a hollow in a tree or in a thicket of brush. I think of the slight concave area just above a hip or collar bone. The dip at the top of a man’s shoulder or the soft depression at the top of a woman’s inner thigh. But I also think of the hollow places we all have inside us that most will never see. Those small voids that become full when we experience extraordinary love and connection. These are the hollows that draw us in and make us seek ways to fit together.

This stunning photo by photographer Peter Levers captures the mood of my novel incredibly well.

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