Photo of Elle Wonders by E. Andreas


Silver shoes click

A ruby shimmer

A voice of enchantment

The charm, she glimmered.


Black and white legs

Perfectly matched

The magical heels

So quickly snatched.


The cardinal points

On a compass rose

The obelisks, lecterns

And sundials, all know


I am but one of four

I governed the East

Shall I be missed?

No, not in the least.


But back in the day

When I was younger

My frock ‘twas shorter

And men did hunger


I had a braw lover

His life was taken

From that day forth

Joy was forsaken.


Passion turned dark

The mind twisted black

Those things we shared

I’d never get back.


Still wicked and weary

It was my time to part

A sad, broken woman

Who once had a heart.