Photo by Elle Wonders – Oslo, Norway



In Vigelandsparken there is snow on iron

forged gates, on copper roofed houses and

weathervanes, and on the stone breasts

of young maidens whose twirling hair pulls

the wind into a midwinter dance. The once

leafed giants line the path to a frozen gallery

for lovers to gaze, or not gaze, while their

mittened hands stay warm, and waiting.


Snowflakes fall on Sinnataggen – the angry

boy cast in marble who stands defiant above

the swirling river, while on the frozen bridge

below, a real boy sits in a wooden sled. His fur

cap is pulled tight over a fringe of milk-blonde

hair, and a reddened nose, the inscription of

his joy. When the evening sun glimmers, his

sure-footed hound tows him eagerly towards

home, and the awaiting hearth fire.


On the path to the monolith, snow falls on a girl

as she’s consumed by a lizard, a rounded mother

suckling her hungry dozen, a proud man cradling

his son, and a heap of boys caught in mid-fight.

She closes her eyes, and he slides the brilliant

diamond ring over a barren tree branch coated in

droplets of ice, and the gilded light of sundown

catch the facets of their years to come.


Photo by E. Andreas – Oslo, Norway