Are you here because you’re angry?


Because you’re sad?


Why are you here?

Because my mom made the appointment for me and said I had to go.

Why do you think she did that?

Because she is concerned about me.

Why do you think she is concerned about you?

Because she loves me.

How do you know she loves you?

Because she makes me breakfast every morning.

What does she make you for breakfast?

Whole wheat toast with extra butter – the crusts cut off.

This is how you like your toast?


And you think this is her way of showing you love.


How else does she show you love?

By straining my orange juice so there is no pulp.

What is wrong with pulp?

I find it to be a hardship.

I see.  What else do you find to be a hardship?


Why do you find bedtime to be a hardship?

Because my thoughts become noisy.

What types of things do you think about?

Things that make me anxious.

What makes you most anxious?

The thought of my throat closing up.

Why would your throat ever close up?

Because there was this kid in my class who had to go to the hospital because he has tonsillitis and his throat started to close up.

Have you ever had tonsillitis?


Did your throat close up?

No.  But I did throw up a lot of blood after my tonsillectomy.

But the thought of throwing up lots of blood doesn’t make you anxious?


Why not?

Because it already happened and I lived.



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